Air Compressor Repair Services

APS Service Truck

Air Power Services has factory trained technicians that can service all your compressors and compressed air equipment. Our Factory trained technicians are available 24/7/365 for all your air compressor repair needs. APS maintains a fleet of rental compressors if needed while your system is down.

Air Compressor Controls

Preventive Maintenance

Air Power Services Has Custom Preventive Maintenance Programs Tailored to meet your maintenance needs. Our technicians are available 24/7/365 for all your air compressor repair needs. APS gives you peace of mind on your air system. We take all the guess work out . Our Preventive Maintenance Program helps identify possible problems before they become real breakdowns. The program covers standard required maintenance such as, oil-filter changes, cleaning and lubrication, oil analysis and minor adjustments. We inspect everything from major components to hoses, moisture traps, electrical connections and general condition of unit. We also include professional system recommendations and a detailed record of the work performed. And, you pay only for work that’s actually done. We charge only for the time and materials necessary to complete the maintenance on your equipment.


Air Power Services is a full rebuild shop. Air End Rebuilds, Engine Rebuilds, Reciprocating Rebuilds and completely refurbished units Industrial Electric Driven and Diesel Driven.

Rotary Screw
Atlas Copco Install


No Air System Too Big or too Small for Air Power Services. We can install your compressors, dryers, filters and complete piping system turnkey. We take care of everything!

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